Neighbourhoods and cities thrive when everyone feels valued and included as part of their community and conversely, being a victim of, or involved in crime, is associated with communities that experience high levels of social exclusion [1].

  • 43.5% of adults in Frankston City think that multiculturalism makes life in their area better, lower than the Victorian average of 53.4%. Victorian Population Health Survey 2017

  • 39.6% of adults in Frankston City feel valued by society, which is lower than the Victorian average of 48.3%.

    Victorian Population Health Survey 2017

  • The rate of criminal incidents in Frankston City decreased by 22.9% from 2020 to 2021, and the rate of victim reports fell by 17.3%.

    Crime Statistics Agency

  • In 2021, the top three reported crimes in Frankston City were criminal damage, theft from a motor vehicle and breaches of family violence orders.

    Crime Statistics Agency

A welcoming and inclusive community allows people to feel safe, respected, develop a sense of belonging and feel able to participate in social, cultural and civic life. This extends to people of all ages, abilities, genders, sexuality, cultures, socio-economic status and religion or faith.

Council’s role

Local government plays an important community building role to enable resilient and inclusive communities where diversity is encouraged and everyone is respected, welcomed and supported.

[1] Morgan, A, Boxall, H, & Anderson, J 2012 Effective crime prevention interventions for implementation by local government, Australian Institute of Criminology

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