November 2021 update: Advocacy Priorities 2022

Throughout August 2020 and February 2021, we asked our community for their feedback and ideas on the issues that matter to them, how we can improved the challenges they face in their daily lives and their vision for the future of Frankston City.

The results have been used to determine the key priorities requiring council-led advocacy in the lead up to the upcoming state and federal elections.

Our five key priorities below were adopted at the Monday the 15th of November 2021 Council Meeting can be viewed here: Advocacy Campaign 2021-2025

The Advocacy Themes and Priorities were adopted by Council on 28 June.

Frankston City Council is committed to doing everything we can to enhance Frankston City as a vibrant place to live, work, study and enjoy now and into the future.

Council-led advocacy to state and federal governments is vital for securing essential funding towards local projects and influencing decision-making to drive change.


The feedback you provided would ensure our draft priorities meet your needs or help us in reshaping, changing or creating new priority initiatives. Your feedback also directly influenced the specific initiatives within each priority, for example what footpaths need to be improved or what areas are under serviced by public transport.

Knowing our community supports our advocacy priorities is important so we can work together in lobbying state and federal government representatives for the investment we need to make these projects a reality.