Draft Biodiversity Action Plan 2021–2036

We are seeking community feedback on our Draft Biodiversity Action Plan.

Council is committed to maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment and recognises the importance of supporting resilient ecosystems. These ecosystems should be connected by a network of biolinks (wildlife corridors) that provide benefits for the entire community, for present and future generations.

The Draft Biodiversity Action Plan has been developed with a vision for a municipality where the community values and supports the conservation of local biodiversity and where the ecosystems, biolinks and healthy waterways enhance the liveability of our municipality and foster strong community connections with nature over the next 15 years and beyond.


When does feedback close?

The Draft Biodiversity Action Plan community consultation period will run for six weeks from:

Monday 5th July until midnight, Monday 16th August 2021.

What's next?

All responses will be compiled and the draft plan reviewed and presented to council for endorsement and adoption.

Learn more about Frankston City’s biodiversity

Introduction to Biodiversity with ranger Geoff

The extensive wildfires of the summer 2019–2020 caused massive losses of biodiversity in south eastern Australia, across some of our largest national parks. Now, areas outside the public reserve system in the rural, semi-urban and urban landscapes, such as those found within our City are being recognised for their contribution to maintaining our biodiversity.

Remnant indigenous vegetation still covers about 15 per cent of the Frankston municipality, making an important contribution to regional biological diversity and includes all 17 vegetation types that were here before European settlement. However, small and fragmented habitat patches face a range of threats including weed invasion, the impacts of pest animals such as foxes and rabbits and clearing of canopy trees and understory vegetation.

Managing threats to local biodiversity and improving the quality of the remaining habitat for plants and animals in our local area as well as balancing competing needs such as fire prevention are significant challenges for Council and the community and meeting these challenges is the focus of the Draft Frankston Biodiversity Action Plan.

The plan is delivered in two parts:

  • A Technical Report – which reviews of the current state of biodiversity within the municipality to provide the evidence to help inform the rationale for investment in the Action Plan.
  • The Draft Biodiversity Action Plan which includes short, medium and long term actions that will guide and direct management, enhancement and protection of Council’s biodiversity assets and allocate resources to implement them over the next 15 years and into the future.