The Frankston Heritage Gap Review 2020 was noted by Council on 31 May.

About the review

Heritage encompasses many things – the way we live, our history, values and traditions.

A heritage place can include anything from a specific site or building through to a whole region or landscape. Heritage places can provide essential links with the past and help us to define our shared community history.

Frankston has a rich and colourful history. Research shows that communities value and have a strong connection to the past and protection of heritage places is an important step in maintaining the link.

For this reason, Frankston City Council would like to gain a better understanding from you in terms of your understanding and views on heritage.

Frankston community have told us that they value the positive contribution heritage places make to the historical context and identity of Frankston and its suburbs; and the role that heritage makes in contributing to the importance of place and cultural connectedness.

Frankston’s history has been recorded in a number of Heritage Studies undertaken by Council and these studies have supported the protection of heritage places in the City.

Protection and preservation of heritage places or areas is an ongoing responsibility for Council and since the completion of the last heritage study in 2014, a number of buildings and sites were nominated for further investigation as part of Stage 1 of the “Heritage Gap Review”.

Over 100 properties were nominated in Stage 1. An investigation of these properties was undertaken by heritage consultant Peter Andrew Barrett, who provided recommendations for places considered worthy of further investigation.

Following investigation, of the 100 properties originally nominated, only 32 places were recommended for further investigation to determine ‘local heritage significance’.

GJM Heritage Consultants were engaged to review the 32 places and found that 23 places were of local heritage significance and warranted further consideration for heritage overlay protection in the Frankston Planning Scheme.

On 31 May, council noted the review report and selected Option 2 as a resolution, click here for the minutes of that meeting.