Frankston City 2021 Household Survey

Frankston City Council is undertaking a Household Survey of residents across the municipality. Metropolis Research has been commissioned to undertake this survey on Council’s behalf.

It is anticipated that the survey will be run over three weeks through July and early August, with surveys being delivered to letterboxes and returned by mail to Metropolis Research.

In line with the current health advice, the distribution and collection of the surveys will be completely contactless and a reply-paid envelope will be included to return completed surveys. If your household receives the survey, we strongly encourage you to complete it and return it within a week of receiving it.

The information gathered will assist Council to meet residents’ current needs and plan for the future.

Participation is voluntary, anonymous, confidential and contact free.

Survey questions cover important topics including:

  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Access to Council services.
  • Cultural and leisure activities.
  • Education and employment.
  • Living conditions and housing development.
  • Public transport and cycling.
  • Shopping trends.

The survey will provide Council with detailed information which supplements the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing.