About the awards

The Frankston City Council Citizen of the Year Awards recognise individuals and groups that have made an outstanding contribution to the Frankston City community over the past year, and/or have given exceptional service over a number of years.

The Citizen of the Year Awards are proudly presented by the Mayor of Frankston City.

Why are we reviewing these Awards?

The purpose of the review is to better align the awards to the future direction of Frankston City. With a lower than ideal number of nominations, the refresh is also intended to reinvigorate the awards and incorporate greater nomination avenues to recognise the significant contributions of people in our community.

The proposed refresh includes:

  • Refined categories.
  • Defined eligibility criteria.
  • More ways to provide nominations.
  • Energised promotion in advertising streams.
  • Recognition for submitting nominations.
  • An independent selection panel.

How you can help

We would like your feedback on how we can make the awards more meaningful to you, via a quick six question survey. Your feedback will help inform the improved Citizen of the Year Awards program.