Frankston City Council is committed to protecting your privacy.

Council is using software provided by Social Pinpoint for the Engage Frankston! platform to facilitate community interaction via surveys, discussion on ideas walls and other engagement opportunities. You can choose to sign up to the page to manage your involvement and receive updates and communications on specific projects. You will be asked to provide an email address and create a password. In many cases you can provide your views on topics anonymously, however if you create a profile and participate in discussion forums, your profile name and comments will be visible to others in the discussion. You can participate in some of the engagement activities on the platform without signing up and creating a profile, however you will not be able to engage with all of the features of the site.

Check the privacy notices included with surveys and questionnaires for more detail about how personal information will be handled for that specific project.

For further detail about how Council handles your information, or to access your information,

For further detail about how Social Pinpoint comply with privacy see Social Pinpoint’s Privacy Policy.