The Community Engagement Framework was endorsed by Council on 28 June.

About the development process

Following the adoption of our new Community Engagement Policy in March 2021, we are developing a new Community Engagement Framework in collaboration with staff and our community.

The Framework will demonstrate Frankston City Council’s commitment to:

  • A consistent and coordinated approach to community engagement
  • Improving awareness and understanding of community engagement
  • Embedding our six Engagement Principles, including reporting back
  • Providing guidelines and a toolkit for planning and delivering community engagement

We need our community’s input on our new Community Engagement Framework. We are seeking input on three key themes:

  1. How we can best engage with our community
  2. Where should we engage with you locally, and
  3. What Council policies, plans and projects should we engage with our community on.

We also welcomed the community’s input on other aspects of community engagement you would like reflected in the Framework, and how you would like to engage with Council.

We invited your input online, via our Poll, or in person at one of our Community Pop-Up sessions in multiple locations during May 2021.

All input received online or in person has influenced the development of our Community Engagement Framework. In particular, community responses to our 3 themes above will directly influence Council’s guidelines in the Framework for how, when and what Council engages with our community on.

Once endorsed, the Community Engagement Team will then publish the Framework, along with an Engagement Report clearly demonstrating how the community’s input has influenced the final Framework document.