A vision for Carrum Downs Industrial Precinct

Objectives for Carrum Downs Industrial Precinct

P3.1 Enhance Carrum Down’s Urban Amenity

P3.2 Enhance Service and Floodway Reserves

P3.3 Prepare for future industrial formats and uses

P3.4 Promote industry clusters and industrial well being

Actions for Carrum Downs Industrial Precinct

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Engagement Survey

Engagement Results - Carrum Downs precinct

Do you support the plan for Carrum Downs Industrial Precinct?

Answer ChoicesPercentCount
Support or mostly support100.00%17

Is there anything else we should consider for the Carrum Downs Precinct?

Community Comments:

  • Please provide clear and defined clarity on the proposed 4 items and the reason why they have been decided and how they will improve the future of the area and it operation.
  • It's always good to have all these things your saying. Open space near our factory being informally used as a car park. Would like to buy the land and turn into a proper carpark. Damosh Ave. Doesn't agree with mandatory green open space in areas where parking is needed. More lighting - I can see a benefit of that. I'd want to stay here because you guys are trying to do something good.
  • Better planning for roadworks
  • More lighting. Internet appalling. Mobile coverage poor. Wifi on roof. New area
  • Frankston garden drive entry more obvious.
  • Traffic lights at Frankston gardens drive rd. road
  • Traffic along Frankston - danden9ng. Better traffic lights sequencing
  • Latham rd. issue
  • More lighting needed at night. Doesn't feel safe.
  • Car parking issues 7 to 7:30 and 4 p.m. onwards. Electrical lighting electric vehicle chargers bike chargers solar powered.
    Car parking is an issue in some places. Likes the idea about upgrade to drainage reserve.
  • Roadworks an issue but that’s it
  • Works in Carrum downs Lighting
  • Works in retail; Good place to work in, travel etc; Reserves are great; Support provided; Wanting better reception
  • Great accessibility; Better than LA; Other users- accessibility; Fuel issues with roadworks; Roadworks; Speed measurers; Traffic
  • Latham Rd issue. Clifton. Boundary Russ a& Clifton. Drag races. Issues. Coleman’s Shortcut. Cameras. Frankston. Lack of maintenance. Issues with truck hitting signs. Issues with timing of fixing roads. Round abouts need maintenance. Walk around. Grass issues.

What best describes your connection to the Carrum Downs Industrial Precinct?

Answer ChoicesPercentCount
I live near this precinct.33.33%3
I work or operate a business in this precinct.66.67%6
I own property in this precinct.0%0
I am considering this precinct for future investment.0%0

Project Outcomes

Community and stakeholder engagement has informed these project outcomes:

  • Clearer interventions to boost transport & accessibility in all precincts. Specific changes are mentioned below.
  • Changes to the site coverage requirements in the Industrial Design Guidelines, to make it a bit more flexible for different size lots.
  • Adding an explanation that as per State Policy, land outside the Urban Growth Boundary is not going to be investigate for industrial land. However, if there was to be an investigation at a State Government level, that Council may consider advocating for more industrial land.

Seaford Precinct:

  • No significant changes.

Seaford North Precinct:

  • Investigate a northbound connection to the Mornington Peninsula Freeway.

Carrum Downs Precinct:

  • Advocate for traffic management measures for Frankston Garden Drive & the intersection with Frankston Dandenong Road.

Langwarrin Precinct:

  • Removal of the action that specifically related to 350 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin (Log Cabins Accommodation).

Frankston East Precinct:

  • Removal of any narrative on the precinct transitioning mixed use or residential.

Frankston Precinct:

  • Future land use guidance.