Project update

Draft Road Discontinuance Policy

What does this Policy involve?

The Road Discontinuance Policy explains how the discontinuance and disposal of roads that are 'no longer reasonably required for public use and access' will be handled. It outlines the process and ensures transparency and fairness.

Why are we doing this?

This Policy is needed as part of Council’s Property Strategy to provide a process and guidance to the community who would like to purchase a discontinued 'road'. The term 'road' includes but is not limited to, a right of way, street, easement of way or footpath.

Currently, Council receives applications from property owners wanting to discontinue roads that appear unused so that they can buy the land once the road status has been removed. Generally, these applications come from adjoining property owners.

Do you have feedback?

We are seeking your feedback on this Policy, to ensure it meets your expectations. We invite you to read the draft Policy and if you have feedback, please fill in the form below.