Project update

What is happening?

We are developing a 5 year Youth Action Plan based on research data and what our community is telling us. The Draft Frankston Youth Action Plan 2022-2026 will steer the direction of how Frankston Youth Services work with, support, and the opportunities we provide to our young people.

The purpose of the Draft Frankston Youth Action Plan 2022-2026 is to:

  • Identify the current and future needs of young people aged 12-24 within Frankston City.
  • Plan services, programs and facilities for our young people.
  • Build on existing initiatives and identify opportunities to support young people.
  • Provide opportunities for youth participation and advocate on behalf of our young people

How we got here?

In 2020, Frankston Youth Services commenced the consultation process for the Frankston Youth Action Plan 2022-2026 by engaging key stakeholders:

  • Young people with diverse needs and backgrounds
  • Youth service providers and delivery partners
  • Schools and education providers
  • Volunteers

The research data and information was gathered and collated into draft themes, identifying five key priorities. As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, the development of our Youth Action Plan was temporarily delayed to allow Frankston Youth Services to respond to the additional support needs required for our young people during an extremely challenging time.

We are now going back to the community to ensure our plan is robust and truly responsive to community needs, and want to hear from:

  • Young People
  • Parents/carers
  • People with a disability
  • People from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • People from the LGBTIQA+ community
  • Professionals who work with young people
  • Our whole community!

In July-August 2022, we shared our 5 draft priorities from our initial consultation with you, and asked you 3 quick questions to help us develop the rest of the plan.

We invited you to:
  1. Complete our survey:
  2. Chat with our Youth Services team at a number of events including:
    • Community pop up @ Jubilee Park (Netball courts) - Saturday 16 July @ 8.30am - 3.30pm
    • Monday the 25th – 3pm to 4:45pm Youth Activation @ Youth Central Hangout
    • Tuesday 26th July – 3pm to 5pm Youth Activation @ Frankston North Hangout

Snapshot of our Engagement

Engagement Report

We’re nearly there...share your final thoughts!

Check out our Draft Frankston Youth Action Plan 2022-2026 and let us know if you have any final feedback before the Plan goes to Council for adoption.