What is the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee?

Frankston City Council is currently looking to appoint a new voluntary member to the Frankston Arts Advisory Committee (FAAC).

All interested individuals are encouraged to apply; however, we are especially interested in applicants who are passionate about Arts & Culture in Frankston City with diverse skills and backgrounds including:

  • First Nations or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse individuals.
  • Members of the LGTBQIA2S+ community.
  • Young people.
  • Business, Financial and Legal Representation.
  • Emerging Community or Arts Leaders.
  • Strong Arts & Culture knowledge and industry experience.
  • Literacy Development.
  • Digital Innovation.

For further details please refer to the Terms of Reference established for the Committee.

Objectives of the Committee

    • Develop, review and provide advice to Council regarding the strategic direction for arts, culture and literacy.
    • Ensure a balanced provision of community service obligations and commercial imperatives.
    • Provide high level input into the planning processes for arts, culture and literacy programs.
    • Provide high level advice to guide arts and literacy capital investment outcomes.
    • Support and develop local and emerging artists and writers.
    • Promote art, public performance and literacy activities.
    • Provide high level input into effective marketing and visitor attraction strategies for arts, culture and literacy programs.
    • Seek and establish appropriate external funding support for programs via government, philanthropic and sponsorship sources.
    • Monitor community feedback and changing trends regarding arts, culture and literacy engagement.

Selection Criteria

Nominees for membership on the Committee must be able to demonstrate:

  1. Experience and expertise in one or more of the areas in performing arts, arts and cultural activities, events, literacy, business, marketing, communications and promotions, fundraising, philanthropy, sponsorship or government relations;
  2. An ability to constructively participate in an advisory capacity;
  3. A sound knowledge and understanding of local issues in relation to events, arts, culture and literacy;
  4. A willingness to contribute positively to meetings in a fair and unbiased manner;
  5. A capacity to commit to the Committee for the required duration; and
  6. A willingness to commit time and contribute to Committee activities and tasks outside regular meetings.

For further details please refer to the Terms of Reference established for the Committee.