What is an Industrial Strategy?

The Frankston City Industrial Strategy is a long term 20-year plan that will guide Council's planning policy for the use and development of our municipality's industrial precincts. This Strategy will reinforce Frankston City's role as a major industry focal point in the southern metropolitan region and ensure that the industrial precincts develop to their full potential.

What is happening?

On 18 March 2024, Council adopted the Frankston City Industrial Strategy and Frankston City Industrial Design Guidelines and request authorisation from the Minister for Planning to undertake Planning Scheme Amendment C148fran.

This planning scheme amendment will seek to implement the Industrial Strategy and Design Guidelines into the Frankston Planning Scheme. The Industrial Strategy, which you helped us shape, will guide the ongoing revitalisation of our Industrial Precincts including:

  • A thriving Kananook Industrial Sub Precinct (Sub-Precinct 1A) that will leverage broader employment opportunities created from the renewal and expansion of the Frankston Stadium. Encourage sports, leisure and hospitality uses along Easton Avenue, while maintaining primary industrial uses.
  • A prominent Hartnett Boulevard that forms an active spine for Precinct 1: Seaford. The proposed upgrades will seek to increase pedestrian footpath space on both sides of the road, increase canopy tree planning and provide bicycle lanes in each direction.
  • Key industrial street upgrades providing increase landscaping, high quality paving, and additional space for people to gather.

The Industrial Strategy provides a framework that will create certainty for future redevelopment, provide opportunities for more people to work in the Industrial Precincts, and in turn revitalise our local economy with the increase in employees and general foot traffic and passing trade for our existing and prospective industrial businesses.

Frankston City Industrial Strategy 2024

Frankston City Industrial Design Guidelines 2024

Your Questions Answered

A strategy is a long-term plan for an area to guide Council decisions about future use and development on both private and public property.

The strategy will be designed to implement key policies and objectives for Frankston City's Industrial Precincts in State and Local Planning Policy. It also guides the assessment of planning permit applications and amendments to the Frankston City Planning Scheme.

The Frankston City Industrial Precincts are a leading source of local and regional employment, private investment and economic activity. They are thriving in terms of employment growth, land use demand and investment and are well positioned to harness the benefits of a changing economy.

The key aim for developing a local industrial strategy is to plan for and develop a shared vision for Council’s industrial precincts, and to identify the type and scope of change projected and anticipated over time.

The Strategy should be a tool to help manage, influence, and where appropriate, facilitate change within identified industrial precincts, in accordance with the directions of state planning policy.

Frankston City's Industrial Precincts are areas within Council that are zoned Industrial 1 Zone. These are located: Carrum Downs, Seaford North, Seaford, Frankston East and Langwarrin. These are shown on the map.

The economic function and role of each of the Frankston City's Industrial Precinct differs in focus, format and breadth of uses. In the municipality’s north east, the convergence of EastLink and the Peninsula Link Freeway has fostered the growth of a regionally significant specialised manufacturing and supplies sector, while closer to the coast, industrial precincts are nestled in amongst residential areas for whom they increasingly provide a range of hospitality, household and automotive services.