The Guideline has been Adopted!

On 23 October 2022, Council adopted the Nature Strip Guidelines. It's important to note that Council supports the removal of fees for nature strip planting permit applications with future considerations to be subject to review in the annual budget planning process.

Further information can be found on the Frankston City Council Website -

Project Update

Draft Development and Planting within Road Reserve Guidelines

Why are we doing this?

In accordance with a Notice of Motion (NOM) moved by Councillors earlier this year, we are reviewing the 'Development and Planting within Road Reserve Guidelines’ and application process to promote a greener and healthier Frankston.

Road reserves of local streets are made up of a roadway, nature strip and footpath. Within this space, nature strips play an important part in the environmental and social health of our city.

What is the purpose of the draft guideline?

The draft guideline (now called Nature strip planting guidelines) defines the role and benefits of nature strips and provides landowners with guidance and information on how to obtain a permit to undertake nature strip planting.

The information provided for landowners in the draft guideline includes:

  • Who is responsible for maintaining nature strips.
  • Information about street trees.
  • When a permit is required, and how to get one.
  • Checklist for planting requirements on nature strips.
  • How to select plants, and a recommended species lists.
  • How to prepare for planting.
  • Local law requirements and non-compliance.
  • Design sketch examples to assist permit applications.

The new guideline is focused on:

  • improving ease of use/understanding of guidelines.
  • reviewing the permit fee.
  • promoting stronger focus on planting nature strips for positive biodiversity outcomes (such as indigenous/native plants).

How are we engaging our community on this?

The draft guideline was developed in consultation with the Gardens for Wildlife Group.

We now invite the broader community's feedback via our form below.

Following engagement with the broader community, amendments will be made to the guideline to respond to feedback. A report will be submitted to Council at the December 2021 meeting seeking endorsement for the final guideline.

Do you have any feedback?

We are seeking your feedback on the proposed Nature strip planting guidelines, to ensure it meets your expectations and Council's objectives. We invite you to review the draft document and complete the below Feedback Form to tell us your thoughts.

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