Project update

Why are we doing this?

Did you know that a section of reserve that sits alongside Kananook Creek in Seaford is officially called RF Miles Reserve?

According to VICNAMES, Victoria's Register of Geographic Names, the area which runs along Kananook Creek between Seaford Road and Station Street in Seaford is registered as RF Miles Reserve.

In 2021, Frankston City Council engaged with the community on new designs for the gardens and access to the Reserve, and we heard that the community would like a new name to distinguish this unique and beautiful area.

In reviewing proposed names, VICNAMES advised on guidelines for renaming the section of RF Miles Reserve, including that the name could reflect the area's indigenous significance. Council then consulted with Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation to propose two names.

Now it's time for our community to vote! Which of the proposed names would you prefer, or should we keep the current registered name of RF Miles Reserve?

Where is RF Miles Reserve / Kananook Creek Reserve?

The Reserve is located between Seaford Road and Station Street, Seaford. The section proposed to be renamed is shown on the map below (in orange).

While the registered name of the entire reserve is RF Miles Reserve, the renaming initiative solely focuses on the (orange) section of the reserve that aligns with Kananook creek, including a walking path and garden, leaving the existing RF Miles sporting fields, pavilion, and playground unaffected.

Google maps image showing Kananook Creek Reserve between Station Street and Seaford Road, Seaford.

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