Project update

The future of e-bikes

Council began a trial of e-bikes at the end of January 2022. Neuron Mobility own and maintain the 150 bikes included in the trial. Neuron also monitors how the bikes are used and moves the bikes around inside the trial zone for maximum benefit to the community.

Feedback from Victoria Police, Vicinity and Karingal shopping centre has been positive with no major issues reported. Neuron has provided usage data from the trial which is now available through Council's new Transparency Hub.

We're now asking our community about your experience of using the e-bikes and ideas to improve the service. The trial period is ending and it's time to decide what happens next. Your input will help make decisions about:

  • Continuing the e-bike service under more permanent arrangements.
  • Making changes to how the service operates.
  • Reducing or discontinuing the service.

Consultation is open from 16 January 2023 to 12 February 2023

Did you know?

Here are some statistics from the e-bike trial report. Download the full report from the Document Library on this page.

  • 57,150km

    Total distance travelled during the trial

  • 44.6%

    of users would have used car travel if e-bikes were not available

  • 59.9%

    of users made a purchase at either the start or end of their most recent trip.

  • 26.1%

    of users live outside the City of Frankston

Why we have learned

Community engagement from Climate Smart Frankston and the Intergrated Transport Strategy tell us that residents want to drive less by walking, cycling or catching public transport, when possible, but that lack of access to a bike is a barrier to cycling. The peddle assisted e-bike service is a way for Council to promote active, sustainable and environmentally friendly transport in Frankston City.