About the project

Frankston North Community Centre is developing a 3-year plan for the Centre which will guide decisions about which programs, services, partnerships and events to prioritise.

Staff have been talking to centre visitors and participants about how they can best support them to achieve their health and wellbeing goals. Now we are asking all local residents and partners if we are on the right track, and how else we can support the local community to stay healthy and connected.

The Centre will be developing future programs, services and events that meet local needs and also deliver against goals in Frankston's Community Vision, Council Plan and Health & Wellbeing Plan.

What has happened so far?
  • Check In and Tune Up Open Day engagement.
  • 12 detailed interviews with local community members.
  • Engagement with current and potential service partners.

How will community feedback be used?

Your feedback will help us to develop a 3-year plan for the Centre which aligns with Council's Health and Wellbeing Plan (15.49MB), and local needs.

Provide your feedback by 5pm 31 May 2024 by completing the survey on this page.

What have we learned about our community so far?

In 2023 we asked what our community needs to achieve good health. Here are some examples of what we heard.
  • Physical Health

    "I lack motivation to exercise regularly because I live on my own."

    "I will exercise as long as it's fun and not boring."

  • Social Health

    "I live in Frankston North and feel very connected to my neighbours."

    "I feel most socially connected when I volunteer."

  • Spiritual Health

    "I didn't realise how important looking after my spiritual health was - the activity was so much fun."

  • Mental Health

    "During the last 6 months I've felt lots of things - sad, lost, free and happy."

    Some of the activities that people said made them feel better were walking, dancing, listening to music, and being in nature.

  • Intellectual Health

    "I want to learn more about women's health."

    "I would like to be better at using the computer."

    "I am an older person - I would like to learn how to find a new partner."

  • Our Community's Health

    How can Frankston North Community Centre support our community to feel healthy - in all of these ways? Do the survey on this page to share your ideas.

What can you expect at Frankston North Community Centre?