Key Direction 1: Encourage Economic Investment

Frankston City Centre needs to needs to be more economically diverse, by:

  • Rebuilding and supporting local retail, hospitality, and office-based employment
  • Growing health, education and public service employment.
  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 1.1 Rebuild and support local retail and hospitality

    Idea 1.2 Support development for office based employment sector

    Idea 1.3 Advocate/attract major new head office or government departments

    Idea 1.4 Leverage broader health and education employment opportunities

    Idea 1.5 Continue to grow and consolidate public service functions

Key Direction 2: Provide a diversity of housing to support evolving population needs

Frankston City Centre needs to have increased diversity in the private housing market, including high quality, small scale and higher density housing developments.

There is also a growing need to support those most vulnerable in the community through increased Social and Affordable Housing, ensuring this is integrated with the broader community, and located in areas of higher economic opportunity.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 2.1 High density housing within the city centre

    Idea 2.2 Mid-scale housing surrounding the city centre

    Idea 2.3 Provide more affordable housing

Key Direction 3: Strengthen Arts, Entertainment and Culture

Frankston has a rich arts culture anchored by the Frankston Arts Centre on Davey Street.

The arts precinct could be enhanced by creating an iconic ‘heart’ for the arts and entertainment along Davey and Playne Streets, and better integrating it with the railway station and shopping precincts.

Additional major events spaces could also be added to the iconic Foreshore Reserve, by revitalising and activating Kananook Creek and Wells Street as an events space.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 3.1 Strengthen the arts and entertainment precinct

    Idea 3.2 Additional events and festivals within the FMAC

    Idea 3.3 Enhance Kananook Creek as an events space

    Idea 3.4 Wells Street Events

Want to know more? Read the full emerging ideas paper