What have we done so far?

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on this project in 2022.

In early 2022, we called upon you to share your vision and feedback on our Emerging Ideas Paper to help us develop a new Structure Plan for the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC). We received over 850 comments from over 140 individuals, you can read more about how we engaged and used that feedback to develop the draft plan in our Stage 1 Engagement Report.

In late 2022, we delved deeper into the details to talk about the 6 precincts that make up the FMAC (see map below). The Precincts provide details on key actions and the Built Form and Design requirements that will help us to achieve the vision for the FMAC.

We engaged with approximately 500 people via pop ups, online survey, workshops, interviews, and a walking tour. Read more about how we engaged in our Stage 2 Engagement Report.

Read more about our Stage 1 and 2 consultations below. Our next steps are to finalise the FMAC Structure Plan, and seek Council adoption in June 2023.

Click on each hot spot to learn more about the precincts!


Stage 1 Engagement information

Read more about how we engaged the community with our Emerging Ideas paper to develop the draft FMAC Structure Plan in April-May 2022.

Stage 2 Engagement Information

Read more about how we engaged with our community on our Draft FMAC Structure Plan in October-December 2022.