Project Update - November 2023

Stage 3: Planning Scheme Amendment C160fran

Since 2021, Frankston City Council has been working with our community to develop a 20 year plan that will shape the ongoing growth and revitalisation of our City Centre. The rezoning of land within the FMAC boundary to the Activity Centre Zone (ACZ) will provide guidance in relation to land use, building heights, setbacks and outline a number of design requirements for development, providing certainty to the community, investors and developers.

We have now commenced exhibition of Planning Scheme Amendment C160fran (A State Government legislated process) and are seeking written submissions on how the proposed changes impact you, to be made by Monday 18 December 2023.

To understand the steps in the planning scheme amendment process, please Planning Panels Victoria's website.

What does Planning Scheme Amendment C160fran propose?

On 14 June 2023, Council voted to adopt the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan – June 2023 and request authorisation from the Minister for Planning to undertake Planning Scheme Amendment C160fran.

This planning scheme amendment will seek to implement the FMAC Structure Plan into the Frankston Planning Scheme. The Structure Plan, which you helped us shape, will guide the ongoing revitalisation of our City Centre including:

  • City Centre street upgrades providing for a pedestrian-friendly city centre environment with the opportunity for more outdoor activities, cycling and walking, and reduced through-traffic.
  • An iconic Nepean Boulevard, with extended outdoor space for dining, retail, and events in the City Centre, connecting to a world-class visitor look-out at Olivers Hill and greater connection to Kananook Creek in the north.
  • Providing for a range of housing types, creating lively streets and a strong night time economy with residents dining and shopping close to home.
  • A thriving Kananook Creek Boulevard between Beach Street and Wells Street, with street scape upgrades, increased connection to the City Centre, and greater accessibility to the creek, linking to McCombs Reserve to create a promenade of activation, outdoor dining and events.

The Structure Plan provides a framework that will create certainty for future development, provide opportunities for more people to live, work and play in the City Centre, and in turn revitalise our local economy with the increase in employees and general foot traffic and passing trade for our existing and prospective businesses.

How have we engaged with our community?

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on the development of the FMAC Structure Plan in 2022. We have summarised our Stage 1 and 2 engagement stages below, and click on the links if you would like to read more.

  • Stage 1

    In early 2022, we asked our community to share your vision and feedback on our Emerging Ideas Paper to help us develop a new FMAC Structure Plan. We received over 850 comments from over 140 individuals.

    We've outlined how we engaged and used that feedback to develop the draft plan in our Stage 1 Engagement Report.

    Read more about Stage 1 here 
  • Stage 2

    In late 2022, we delved deeper into the details to talk about the 6 precincts that make up the FMAC. The Precincts provide details on key actions and the Built Form and Design requirements that will help us to achieve the vision for the FMAC.

    We engaged with approximately 500 people via pop ups, online survey, workshops, interviews, and a walking tour. We've outlined how we engaged in our Stage 2 Engagement Report.

    Read more about Stage 2 here 
  • ​Stage 3

    We have now commenced Stage 3, the exhibition of Planning Scheme Amendment C160fran (a State Government legislated process). We invite written submissions on how the proposed changes impact you.

    Make a submission by 5pm Monday 18 December 2023:

    By email:

    Attention: Strategic Planning (Amendment C160fran)

    By post: Strategic Planning

    Amendment C160fran
    Frankston City Council
    PO Box 490
    Frankston VIC 3199

    Read more about making a submission here