Key Direction 9: Prioritise pedestrian movement

The Frankston City Centre has some excellent walkways, such as the Shannon Street Mall, Station Street Mall and the Kananook Trail.

However, these high-quality walking environments are mostly disconnected from each other due to car-dominated spaces.

To transform the heart of Frankston into a world-class shopping and civic centre, there is a need to create new paths and shared zones, and to improve pedestrian priority at key intersections, and access over the railway line.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 9.2 Create shared pedestrian, cyclist and motor vehicle spaces

    Idea 9.3 Enhance pedestrian priority and safety at key intersections

    Idea 9.4 Make it safer and easier to cross the rail line

    Idea 9.5 Make streets safer for people

Key Direction 10: Create a safe and convenient cycling network

Frankston is a popular cycling destination, with many fitness and recreational cyclists taking to key cycling corridors, such as the Nepean Highway, on the weekend.

There is a need to expand this to create more safe and connected cycling networks for people to use on everyday trips.

A safe cycling network can also support the growth in micro-mobility, such as e-scooters and shared e-bikes.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 10.1 Playne Street bike lanes

    Idea 10.2 Nepean Hwy bike lanes

    Idea 10.3 Beach street bike lanes

    Idea 10.4 Baxter Trail

    Idea 10.5 Dandenong Rd West

Key Direction 11: Increase the use of the Ring Road and reduce traffic on city centre streets

Changes are need to encourage drivers to use the ring road, which is currently under-performing in its role.

This will improve local traffic and make the city centre more vibrant by removing unnecessary through traffic.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 11.1 Nepean Highway / Playne Street modification

    Idea 11.2 Reduce the traffic role of Playne Street

    Idea 11.3 Remove through traffic on Young Street

Key Direction 12: Provide car parking that is easy to locate and access

There is a need to create a consistent framework for parking that will make it easier for people who need to drive to find a park.

Incorporating new technology, such as real-time display signage, would help lead drivers to available parking bays.

Locating parking facilities at the periphery of the centre would improve access to parking lots from the ring road while reducing the number of cars moving through high-pedestrian areas.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 12.1 Locate car parking facilities at the edge of the city centre

    Idea 12.2 Provide real time signage for car parking

    Idea 12.3 Provide a consistent approach to parking time limits and costs

Key Direction 13: Enhance public transport to make it an attractive and logical choice

Frankston is an important public transport interchange for the broader region.

However there is a need for improvement as bus services are often stuck behind private cars, particularly at key intersections and along Young Street, and the interchange is difficult to navigate.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 13.1 Improve bus priority along key city centre streets

    Idea 13.2 Improve the bus interchange

    Idea 13.3 Baxter Electrification

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