Key Direction 5: Provide more parks, plazas and gathering spaces

The Frankston City Centre has great open space assets, however it lacks parks and gathering spaces within the heart City Centre.

The ideas suggested below look to create a range of parks and plazas across the City Centre. It is unlikely that all of them will be implemented in the shorter term, however, significant benefits could come from ideas such as:

  • Creating public spaces on Council-owned land (such as car parks) or on acquired land that is optimally located.
  • Redesigning key streets to provide wider footpaths, gathering spaces and greenery (such as Playne Street and Young Street south of Wells Street).
  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 5.1 Wells Street Central Plaza

    Idea 5.2 Sherlock and Hayes Park

    Idea 5.3 Young Street Car Parks - 170 Young Street and 122-124 Young Street

    Idea 5.4 City Park Extension

    Idea 5.5 Beach Street Signal Box Park

    Idea 5.6 Frankston Park

Key Direction 6: Provide people focused streets

There are opportunities to re-balance the use of Frankston City Centre streets, to reduce excessive vehicle use, and provide more space for people, cyclists and landscaping. This could include:

  • Footpath widening to create more gathering spaces or outdoor dining opportunities.
  • Providing shared streets where pedestrians, cyclists and slow speed motor vehicles can all use the street simultaneously.
  • Tree planting and Water Sensitive Urban Design.
  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 6.1 Playne Street Upgrades

    Idea 6.2 Thompson Street Upgrades

    Idea 6.3 Shannon Mall Upgrades

    Idea 6.4 Young Street Upgrades (between Playne and Wells Street)

    Idea 6.5 Bayside Shopping Centre and Surrounds

    Idea 6.6 Laneway Activation

Key Direction 7: Create a thriving Kananook Creek promenade

Kananook Creek has the potential to become a major destination for Frankston City, providing day and night time activity through entertainment, hospitality and public spaces.

Its transformation will require Council, Melbourne Water, land owners and the broader community to embrace a shared vision for the corridor.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 7.1 Kananook Creek Boulevard

    Idea 7.2 Cheeky Squire and Melbourne Water Site

    Idea 7.3 Improve connections between Kananook Creek and the City Centre

    Idea 7.4 Provide better engagement with the creek

Key Direction 8: Transform the Nepean Highway into an iconic boulevard

There is an opportunity to revisit the role and configuration of Nepean Highway and transform it into and iconic an tree lined boulevard.

It could become a high quality destination for pedestrians, businesses and housing, and create an inspiring ‘front door’ for the Frankston City Centre.

The future, role, design and configuration of Nepean Highway will also require additional technical analysis.

  • What are our emerging ideas?

    Idea 9.2 Create shared pedestrian, cyclist and motor vehicle spaces

    Idea 9.3 Enhance pedestrian priority and safety at key intersections

    Idea 9.4 Make it safer and easier to cross the rail line

    Idea 9.5 Make streets safer for people

Want to know more? Read the full emerging ideas paper