Council delivers a wide range of services, programs and infrastructure to strengthen community resilience, inclusiveness and enrichment, including:

  • ​Community health

    Enhancing the health of families and the community by supporting them to develop and thrive, through enabling independent living.

    Service Areas

    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Community and in home support
    • Children's Services

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $1.342M Operating

    Additional $124K

    $0.358M Capital works

  • Community development

    Delivering inclusive and accessible support, programs and community spaces to build resilience and community strength in the community

    Service Areas

    • Community programs and development
    • Community Grants
    • Youth services
    • Community facilities
    • Emergency relief and support services

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $3.892M Operating

    Additional $404K

    $0.260M Capital works

  • Arts and culture

    Building Frankston’s cultural landscape by supporting the production and delivery of arts programs, events and library facilities providing opportunities to create, learn and connect.

    Service Areas
    • Arts and events
    • Multi use venues and facilities
    • Library collection

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $5.183M Operating

    Additional 64K

    $1.851M Capital works