Project update

Council has drafted a combined Council Plan and Budget for 2022-2026 (including 2022-2023 Council Plan initiatives), and we now want to hear from the community.

What we have done

This year’s Council Plan and Budget balances essential services with future innovation and development. We have learnt from the challenges of the past two years while also moving forward – working between the importance of community relief with the need for economic and city growth.

"This is about striking that all-important balance between essential grass-roots services - roads, drainage, safety, waste - and bold, ambitious, future-thinking investment in infrastructure that will continue to drive Frankston as a destination of amazing opportunity, growth and change." - Cr Nathan Conroy, Mayor

What you will see in the Council Plan and Budget

  • Council’s largest ever capital works program totalling $91.6 million to build Frankston’s future
  • Initiatives to revitalise Frankston, including a Destination Events program.
  • Projects across sports and recreation, biodiversity and open space, car parking and transport connectivity and arts, culture and events prioritised for investment.
  • Climate and sustainability focussed plans.

Did we get the balance right?

Learn more below and share your thoughts in our feedback form. All submissions must be made in writing and you have the option to present in person or online at a Council meeting on 30 May 2022.