Council delivers a wide range of services, programs and infrastructure to enhance the sustainability and enjoyment of Frankston City’s natural and built environments, including:

  • Transport connectivity

    Facilitating safe movement into, around and out of Frankston City.

    Service Areas

    • Strategic transport planning
    • Transport network management and operations

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $10.441M Operating

    Additional $50K

    $14.365M Capital Works

  • Parking

    Providing on and off street parking to manage the road environment and ensure appropriate car parking options are available for the community.

    Service Areas

    • Parking management
    • Parking enforcement

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $2.309M Operating

    Additional: Nil

    $3.908M Capital Works

  • City planning

    Building, maintaining and improving a liveable city in line with the

    Frankston City Planning Scheme.

    Service Areas

    • Urban design
    • Strategic land use planning
    • Planning compliance
    • Planning permit and applications

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $2.855M Operating

    Additional: $190K

    $7.316M Capital works