Council delivers a wide range of services, programs and infrastructure to ensuring strong governance from a progressive and responsive Council including:

  • Financial management

    Providing leadership and support in financial planning, processing and reporting to ensure Council’s long term financial position is sustainable.

    Service Areas

    • Financial Planning
    • Revenue services
    • Financial control and reporting
    • Purchasing and payments

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $3.351M Operating

    Additional $30K

  • Asset management

    Ensuring Council assets adequately support current and future service delivery.

    Service Areas

    • Strategic asset management
    • Building and facility management
    • Open space maintenance
    • Fleet management
    • Land and property compliance
    • Road and related infrastructure maintenance
    • Drainage maintenance

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $10.055M Operating

    Additional $369K

    $4.301M Capital works

  • Council strategy, performance and governance

    Supporting sound decision and enabling sound governance through transparency, accountability, risk management and compliance.

    Service Areas

    • Community engagement
    • Strategic policy & planning
    • Performance analysis & reporting
    • Advocacy
    • Program management
    • Corporate and municipal governance
    • Procurement & contract management
    • Memorial Park management
    • Risk and audit

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $5.494M Operating

    Additional: Nil

  • Customer service and experience

    Enabling future ready service delivery, communications and engagement that meet community expectations.

    Service Areas

    • Customer advice and support
    • Service transformation
    • Communications
    • Complain and feedback handling

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $4.784M Operating

    Additional $282K

    $3.738M Capital works

  • Technology and information

    Supporting the delivery and management of technology and information management.

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $6.791M Operating

    Additional $441K

    $0.012M Capital works

  • People, culture and workforce

    Enabling a high performing workforce and ensuring a safe workplace.

    Net 2022–2023 Budget

    $3.103M Operating

    Additional $426K