Project update


In 2020, Frankston City Council launched the 'Do It Outdoors' program in response to COVID 19, which included the licensing of mobile food vans at three locations.

The initiative has been embraced by the community as a great way to activate open spaces, offer greater choice and amenity at key locations, support business investment, and grow tourism to our area. Activating spaces means they attract people and make our city feel alive.

Frankston City Council recognises that opportunities exist to improve the mobile food van program, and has begun working with the community to review licence fees and duration, the assessment criteria and Expression of Interest (EOI) process, and the locations in which mobile food vans operate.


Mobile food vans also play an important role in the local economy by encouraging new entrepreneurship, supporting local suppliers, increasing employment opportunities and stimulating tourism. These Guidelines aim to attract and support high quality commercial operators to deliver regular, licenced mobile food van experiences in public open spaces across the municipality.

Consultation so far

Late last year Council engaged mobile food van operators, both existing and potential future businesses, to look at opportunities to improve the existing guidelines.

The forum reviewed current Guidelines and gained valuable feedback on:

The information collected in the forum prompted a review of the current ‘Do It Outdoors’ Guidelines and we decided to separate the Mobile Food Van information. Based on feedback, the draft guidelines were created to meet the needs and expectations of both Operators and the community.

The aim is also to simplify the application process, making it easier for Operators, while continuing to provide the community with a high quality mobile food van service.

These draft Guidelines are what we are now seeking your feedback on.

Proposed Mobile Food Van locations

Click on each spot to see the address of the proposed new and existing Mobile Food Van sites. Yellow spots indicate new proposed sites, and pink spots indicate existing sites. Share your feedback on the proposed sites in our survey.

Summary of new draft Guidelines

  • Food Van Locations

    We propose increasing the number sites from 4 to 10.

  • Timelines

    We propose increasing licences from 12 months to 2 or 3 years, while trialing short-term and rotational licenses.

  • Fee Structure

    We propose a simpler, more transparent and standardised licence fee structure.

  • Application and EOI process

    We propose a simpler application process supported by a single Council Officer.

  • Assessment Process

    We propose formalising application assessment using meaningful and fair criteria for all.

  • Communication

    We propose better communication with Operators by providing information in a timely manner.