Why are we proposing changes to our Privacy Policy?

Frankston City Council has drafted changes to our Privacy Policy, to ensure it reflects the most recent updates to our legislative requirements.

The draft Policy confirms Council's commitment to:

  • Complying with its obligations under privacy legislation.
  • Meeting community expectations regarding handling of personal information.
  • Responding effectively to privacy complaints and breaches.
  • Assessing privacy risks when considering new projects, strategies, policies.

What is the purpose of the draft Policy?

The Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Health Records Act 2001 require Council to document policies on its management of personal information and make the documents publicly available.

The draft Policy outlines Council’s broad approach to minimising privacy risks and responding to privacy breaches and complaints.

More detailed information about the handling and protection of personal information in specific contexts is available on Council’s website at www.frankston.vic.gov.au.

Do you have any feedback?

We are seeking your feedback on the draft revised Privacy Policy, to ensure it meets your expectations. We invite you to review the draft Policy and complete the below Feedback Form to tell us your thoughts.

Privacy Statement

Frankston City Council is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information you provide on the feedback form will be used for the purpose of reviewing and updating the Privacy Policy and informing Council’s privacy practices. Public reports of the project will summarise feedback and not identify individuals. Your personal information will only be used and disclosed as authorised by law. For further detail about how Council handles personal information, or to request access to your personal information, see www.frankston.vic.gov.au or contact Council’s privacy officer on 1300 322 322.