About Riviera Kindergarten

The Riviera Kindergarten site is located in Newton Street, Seaford at the northern tip of the Seaford local area, adjacent to Carrum in the City of Kingston. The site adjoins parkland which links directly to Railway Parade, the main road to the Seaford central activity area which is just under 2 kilometres away.

Riviera Kindergarten is one of five priority areas within Frankston City where the Kindergarten Infrastructure and Service Plan (KISP) has identified the need for service development to meet future kindergarten demand.

The Riveria Kindergarten expansion is funded by the Victorian Government ($3 million) and Frankston City Council ($1 million).

What is happening at Riviera?

As part of the planning and design process, Frankston City Council consulted with the community of (and around) Riviera Preschool on the proposed re development of the Riviera Kindergarten.

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) will be undertaking the construction and detail design works. The feedback we have received from the community in relation to the development has been provided to the contractors to inform the plans.

Community Engagement Survey Results

  • 90% of respondents indicated a preference for colours inspired by the natural environment.
  • 81.82% of respondents preferred use of natural materials.
  • 45% of respondents were in favour of using soft and curved lines.

ACTION: Colours will be neutral and based on a cream colour palette for the building and natural foliage in the play area.

  • 72.3% of respondents indicated they would like places to sit, and the same percentage liked the use of larger logs/stones for furniture.
  • 63.64% of respondents indicated they would like smooth paved areas and the same percentage were in favour of using lawns, gravel or loose river stones.
  • 63.64% of respondents felt that green walls and screening should be included.
  • Tanbark (45.45%) and stepping stones (54.55%) were also selected by respondents.

ACTION: The playground will remain largely as is. Changes will include an additional grass area and the landscape architects have been requested to use green walls wherever possible. Stepping stones and seating can be added at a later date by the service provider in line with the needs of children, educators, staff and families using the space.

  • 55% of respondents wanted provision for bike and scooter parking.
  • 55% of respondents wanted a choice of access and connection points.
  • 45% of respondents were in favour of car spaces being wider.
  • 36% of respondents saw a need for pram parking.

ACTION: Given the number of car parks required additional space for wider bays is not available. Bike and scooter parking has been requested.

  • 82% of respondents indicated a preference for use of indigenous plants and the same percentage also liked the idea of an edible garden.
  • 64% of respondents felt year-round shade from trees should be provided.
  • 45% of respondents felt that trees with seasonal changes should be planned for and the same percentage wanted open, grassed space to be included.

ACTION: a large number of existing trees will remain providing the current year round shade. Where trees are required to be removed, the VSBA have a two for one policy and the request for indigenous plants with a mix of seasonal plantings will be included in the brief for the Landscape Architect. An edible garden will also be provided.

There were a number of questions raised and answered below. Questions are shown in bold with responses in italics.

  • Will Maternal and Child Health (MCH) be part of the new building?
    An MCH Office is being included in this build and will provide services from this location whilst the new planned project at Seaford, Railway Parade, is being constructed. More information about this project will be available in coming months.

  • Will there be a space for playgroup?
    No, the building has been constructed to support 15 hours for three year olds and 30 hours for four years olds. We are currently looking at locations for playgroups in the area. The new project planned for Railway Pde/McRae Street, is planned to include a space for supported and community playgroups

  • Will each room have equitable access to sunlight?
    All rooms open into the playground with large windows.

  • Will the oak tree be staying?
    Yes, it is a beautiful tree

Comments raised through the survey are in bold with responses from the project team in italics.

  • Meeting privacy needs of the playground and residents.
    VSBA look at the potential for fence extensions and foliage screening where deemed necessary

  • Managing direct afternoon sun into rooms.
    Wherever possible tree shade will be used, however the use of blinds is a decision that will be addressed after opening

  • Integrating the kinder with local community spaces and environment.

  • Consulting with children and experienced early years professionals.
    A range of early childhood educators have been involved in the project. The yard space will have minimal change and the building structure and layout is somewhat determined by the design of the modular. The children currently attending the Kananook site will be provided with visual updates of the project and will be provided an opportunity to share their ideas about the play spaces.
  • Staff: office-space ratio.
    The new building is a modular construction through the Victorian Building Blocks Program and whilst there is some flexibility, options are limited. We have negotiated to have a larger office space than first planned.

  • Need for outdoor space to allow for multi-group use of indoor/outdoor programs.
    The outdoor playspace will be designed with multi-group use in mind. This will be achieved by use of natural barriers such as planting and foliage to create a combination of large open spaces and smaller quiet places for smaller groups.