The Victorian Government has made a significant investment in funded kindergarten, making several policy changes to make kindergarten more accessible for the community. These changes will increase the demand for sessional kindergarten places.

In response to increasing demand, we’re upgrading kindergartens across Frankston City. This will increase the number of kindergarten places available to three and four-year-olds, ensuring every child has access to a funded program.

Part of this process involves Council undertaking feasibility studies at each kindergarten site across Frankston City, to determine which sites can be expanded and developed. Once this is completed, council officers will contact kindergarten providers to work on a future plan.

A list of kindergartens or local areas that have been identified for a new build or expansion are listed below under 'Planned kindergarten upgrades'.

The State Government policy changes can be summarised as follows:

  • Additional year of universal funded kindergarten

    In 2019, the State Government committed to an additional year of universal funded kindergarten providing all children with two years of kindergarten before beginning primary school. In Frankston, this reform commenced in 2022 with five hours per week being available for eligible three-year-olds.

  • ​Free kindergarten

    In 2022, the State Government announced that, from 2023, kindergarten would be ‘free’ by allocating $2,500 per year for each attending three and four-year-old. This government funding being in lieu of any parent fees previously levied by service providers.

  • ​Thirty hours of free ‘pre-prep’ services

    In 2022, the State Government announced that, from 2025, 30 hours per week of free ‘pre-prep’ services would be available for all four-year-olds. Under the staged roll-out, Pre-Prep will commence in 7 rural areas. Other local government areas will join the roll-out in following years, with families in metropolitan Melbourne able to access up to 30 hours per week of Pre-Prep by 2030.