What is changing?

Victoria is transitioning to a 30-hour pre-prep program for 4-year-olds. This means more kindergarten for children and more support for parents to re-join the workforce.

Frankston City Council is seeking partnership funding to expand and extend Kindergarten and Maternal and Child Health Services. This work is required so all children can access free kindergarten in a community setting.

Investment in early learning is proven to have positive benefits for society including better health, happiness, resilience and social equality.

What is Council doing?

Council provides 23 kindergarten buildings and 13 Maternal and Child Health Services. To ensure they meet our community's needs, we have:

  • Developed a Kindergarten Partnership Strategy, with community and stakeholder input, that plans for the increase in physical places and infrastructure.
  • Assessed our community's demographics to map current and future need.
  • Undertaken functional assessments to determine current buildings are “fit for purpose”.
  • Undertaken broad feasibility assessments to determine what is possible.
  • Mapped the impact on space requirements of the Pre-prep program (30 hours a week for four-year-olds) and the increase to 15 hours a week for three-year-olds.
  • Engaged with the community to understand needs and preferences for accessing kindergarten services.

Have your say on the draft strategy

The Draft Kindergarten Partnership Strategy is now available for community feedback. You can ask a question or register to speak on the draft strategy at the 12 August 2024 Council Meeting, or provide feedback to ChildrensServices@frankston.vic.gov.au

Draft Kindergarten Partnership Strategy 2024-2034

The Victorian State Government is currently rolling out a pre-prep program which will require Council to provide new and upgraded kindergartens.

What is proposed in my area?

What is proposed for my local kinder?

Markers below indicate the 23 Council owned and managed kindergarten buildings. The circles indicate a 20-minute walking circle.

Markers indicate the 23 Council owned and managed kindergartens. The circles indicate a 20-minute walking circle. This reflects the 20-minute neighbourhood principle as adopted by Council and outlined by Planning Victoria.