What is happening?

Frankston City Council has drafted a Fair Access Policy to address and remove the known gender barriers around accessing and using community sports infrastructure.

Our Draft Policy details Council’s requirements, roles, responsibilities and expectations to encourage a level playing field in sport and active recreation, so that all people can fully participate in and enjoy the benefits of community sport, from early participation right through to leadership roles.

To support the Draft Policy, Council has also developed a Draft Action Plan to outline what steps and strategies Council will take to support the inclusion of women, girls and diverse groups in accessing and using community sports infrastructure.

We invite you to view the Draft Policy and Action Plan and share your feedback via our survey below.

Why are we doing this?

Our Draft Policy and Action Plan

Fair Access Principles

We have developed our Draft Policy and Action Plan using the following principles, outlined in the Fair Access Roadmap.

This Roadmap was shaped by the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth).

  • Principle 1:

    Community sports infrastructure and environments are genuinely welcoming, safe, and inclusive.

  • Principle 2:

    Women and girls can fully participate in all aspects of community sport and active recreation, including as a player, coach, administrator, official, volunteer and spectator.

  • Principle 3:

    Women and girls will have equitable access to, and use of infrastructure that:

    • Is of the highest quality and convenience
    • At the best and most popular competitions, training times and locations
    • Supports existing and new participation opportunities, and a variety of sports.
  • Principle 4:

    Women and girls should be equitably represented in leadership and governance roles.

  • Principle 5:

    Encourage and support all user groups who access and use community sport infrastructure to understand, adopt and implement gender equitable access and use practices.

  • Principle 6:

    Prioritise access, use and support to all user groups who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to gender equitable access and use of allocated community sport infrastructure.

Key Focus Areas

Using the Fair Access Principles, Council has drafted our Action Plan under the following key focus areas.

  • Active Places

    Sporting Infrastructure and Environment:

    • Council will complete Gender Impact Assessments on any new plans.
    • Clubs will have inclusive, positive and appropriate images displayed.
    • Language used in club rooms and on social media is welcoming and inclusive.
  • Active Options

    Usage and allocations:

    • Council will review and update Community Grants criteria to incorporate fair access requirements.
    • Council will review fees and charges, and consider subsidies/discounts for clubs with increasing participation of women/girls/diverse groups.
    • Clubs will consult with players, coaches and parents to understand participants' needs before allocating training/game times for facilities.
    • Clubs will keep evidence of fair access to preferred match and training times for all users.
  • Active Participation

    • Clubs will offer flexible, modified programs, and 'come and try' days.
    • Council will provide education and training opportunities.
    • Clubs will host/promote training and mentorship for members who want to learn, coach, officiate or join a committee.
    • Council will raise profile of clubs who demonstrate fair access.
    • Clubs will implement flexible Uniform Policy.
    • Clubs will ensure social events are inclusive and welcoming.
    • Clubs will ensure prizes, awards, promotion opportunities are fair for all players.
  • Active Governance

    • Clubs will work towards gendered targets for club committees.
    • Clubs will complete the Frankston Gender Inclusive Sporting Club Toolkit as part of tenancy agreements.
    • Clubs will ensure paid positions are fair and equal for same role, regardless of gender.
    • Council will explore the development of a Frankston Inclusive Club logo/star rating system for clubs as a recognition tool.

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