The Landscape Vision for Nairm Marr Djambana is, first and foremost a response to the visions, needs and aspirations of the Frankston Aboriginal community.

For five years since they were granted a long term lease of the buildings at Jubilee Park in 2013, Nairm Marr Djambana have explored the potential buildings and surrounding landscape to develop a multipurpose community facility – one which enables the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents of Frankston to share and showcase their culture, knowledge and dreams with everyone.

The Landscape vision marries Nairm Marr Djambana’s strong connection to place with sustainable development. In the landscapes surrounding the lake, people are invited to an intimate experience of these grounds through a series of curated walks, showcasing Indigenous culture, arts, environmental interpretation, ideas and traditional land care knowledge. The strong intent behind the invitation is for participants to explore, experience and transform the way they think and develop their own relationship to land and the spirit of place.

This proposed landscape vision is subject to future consideration by Council. If adopted, it would also be dependent on being able to successfully attract funding for implementation.

Nairm Marr Djambana - Proposed site design

Concept designed by Steven Davies, Landscape Architect