Master Plan overview and implementation

Jubilee Park, a premier open space reserve in Frankston City, is being redefined into a major hub for regional and women’s sport and providing improved local open space amenity. It currently comprises of regional netball, cricket and football facilities, Nairm Marr Djambana (Aboriginal Gathering Place), several community buildings and large areas of open space and bushland.

We would like to provide the community with an update on the Jubilee Park Master Plan since our last consultation in 2019-20. The intent of the Master Plan has remained the same, however the concepts are more refined with detailed design completed for a range of projects that further the Jubilee Park Master Plan implementation.

We invite you to view the master plan on the right hand side of this page.

Upgrades already completed:

  • 13 outdoor netball courts.
  • Upgraded lighting for football night games and training.
  • New cricket nets.
  • New play space.

The following projects will occur between October 2021 and mid 2023:

  • Jubilee Park Indoor Stadium redevelopment.
  • Redevelopment of the Kevin Collopy Pavilion.
  • Hill Street realignment and car park works.
  • New pathways and vegetation works.
  • Enlarging the Trotting Track (third oval).
  • Sports lighting.

Future projects planned (pending available funding) include:

  • Nairm Marr Djambana landscape vision.
  • Community facility redevelopment.
  • New pathways including lit circuit paths, picnic facilities, seating and further landscaping.
  • Hill Street realignment and car park works

    The new aligned Hill Street access into Jubilee Park will incorporate:

    •63 asphalt car spaces, including 2 accessible car spaces at the Kevin Collopy Pavilion end.

    •20 gravel parallel car parking spaces, as overflow parking along the existing Hill Street gravel track.

    The realignment facilitates:

    •The widening of the existing Trotting Track (third oval) to support its increased use as a football and cricket training and competition venue.

    •Improved access to the Kevin Collopy Pavilion.

  • Enlarging the Trotting Track

    The existing Trotting Track (third oval) is being enlarged and improved to support its increased use as a football and cricket training and competition venue.

    Works will involve the installation of an automatic irrigation system, sub drainage and a turf rootzone layer. Perimetre oval fencing, AFL goals and ball stop fences at either end of the oval will be also be installed.

  • Sports lighting

    Four poles of LED sports field lighting will be installed on both the widened Trotting Track (third oval) and the John Coburn oval.

    The poles will replace the existing inefficient lights on John Coburn oval.

    The 150 lux level lights will facilitate more opportunities for regional football and cricket, including an expansion of women’s football and cricket at this premier sporting hub.