What is happening?

Council is currently developing a Master Plan for Kananook Reserve to propose improvements for the park and its surrounds.

With current plans to expand the Frankston Basketball Stadium along with the proposed Kananook Commuter Car Park, a Master Plan is required to ensure that Kananook Reserve continues to be a valued public green space, and that access, connections and open space are improved.

Kananook Reserve is an important open space for the local community, and is noted within the Frankston City Council Open Space Strategy as a destination space for the surrounding community.

What we've heard so far

Thank you for sharing your ideas and vision for Kananook Reserve in July 2022.

Following your input on how you currently use the reserve, and what potential improvements could be made, we understand that:

We've published the outcomes of our Stage 1 engagement in our Engagement Report, and are now drafting the Kananook Reserve Master Plan.

We'll seek your feedback in February 2023 as to whether the Draft Plan reflects your input and ideas, and whether anything is missing.

In July 2022, we asked you to share with us how you currently use the Reserve, and what improvements you would like to be made.

We sought your input via an:

We have summarised the input we received in our Stage 1 Engagement Report.

We are now using your input to draft the Kananook Reserve Master Plan to share with you in February 2023