Council is planning to construct new kerb, channel and indented parallel parking bays along Bardia Avenue between Govan St and Patrick Ct, Seaford.

The works proposed along Bardia Ave includes but not limited to:
  • Saw cutting and excavations of existing roadway material.
  • Construct of new concrete barrier kerb and open invert.
  • Construction of new stormwater drainage pits and modify existing as required.
  • Construction of new 54 indented parallel asphalt surfaced parking bays, which includes one accessible parking.
  • Installation of parking signs (currently planned to be unlimited time parking) and line-marking.
  • Reinstatement of existing asphalt road pavement and all other disturbed surrounding surfaces.

Council will consult with businesses who will be directly impacted by these proposed upgrades as well as community members and visitors to the area.

Bardia Avenue - Proposed Upgrades