Why are we developing a Nepean Boulevard Vision?

Frankston City Council has commenced planning for the revitalisation of Nepean Highway to transform it into an iconic Boulevard as part of a rejuvenated City Centre. Nepean Boulevard represents the primary rejuvenation catalyst for Frankston with unprecedented potential for the City and our community.

The vision and artist impressions presented on this page are the start of the process and a conversation with our community. Following this initial engagement, Council will develop a Master Plan for Nepean Boulevard to test more detailed options and opportunities with our community. This process will include community and stakeholder consultation as the plans progress throughout 2023-24.

Our vision for Nepean Boulevard aims to:

  • Establish a dynamic activated heart to the city.
  • Connect the City’s key tourism and community destinations.
  • Promote and reflect civic pride.
  • Foster new connections between City and Bay.
  • Become a catalyst for economic rejuvenation.
  • Encourage safe and enjoyable pedestrian use and active transport outcomes.

This builds on the strategic direction developed through the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC) Draft Structure Plan, Integrated Transport Strategy and Victorian Government changes to create a safe road environment for pedestrians, bike riders and drivers to share the road safely.

What have we heard from our community so far?

Proposals relating to the Nepean Boulevard vision have received positive community support as part of the Draft Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC) Structure Plan community engagement program.

The vision also supports community needs identified in the Integrated Transport Strategy for improved road safety and transport choices, and Action 1 in the Strategy commits Council to deliver the Nepean Boulevard upgrade.

The need to transform Nepean Highway was also a key theme in our Community Vision 2040, where priorities were identified relating to:

  • Progressing employment, retail and hospitality opportunities along Nepean Highway.
  • Developing safe and attractive pedestrian connections along and around Nepean Highway.
  • Promoting Frankston City as a tourism destination and lifestyle capital, particularly along the foreshore.
  • Having a unique gateway to welcome people to Frankston City.

Show us the vision!

We are in the early stages of developing a proposed vision which responds to Frankston’s distinctive coastal character that sets it apart from other cities. Highlights so far include a reimagined Olivers Hill lookout in the south, a revitalised city centre and a northern entry and boulevard.

Check out our video and/or images below to understand more about our proposed vision, and then share your thoughts in our survey below.

Nepean Boulevard video

Southern precinct

Key opportunities:

  • Our vision for the southern end of Nepean Boulveard transforms Olivers Hill into a world class major visitor destination with trees, lawns, seating and shelters to celebrate the expansive views of the bay.
  • The approach from the south to Frankston’s city centre will be enhanced with new tree planting and vegetation.
  • Improved pedestrian connectivity across Nepean Highway to the Foreshore and Olivers Hill as well as to Sweetwater Creek Walking Trail.

We are responding to community concerns and preferences by:

  • Not reducing any traffic lanes - our vision includes maintaining the existing 2 lanes in each direction.
  • Aiming to better connect existing foreshore destinations including Olivers Hill.
  • We will explore options for the top car park to improve amenity and manage vehicle access.

Existing condition: Proposed vision:

Olivers Hill - before and after

Existing condition: Proposed vision:

Southern precinct - before and after

Image of grass with people sitting and enjoying views to the west over the bay

Proposed vision for Olivers Hill

Central precinct

Key opportunities:

  • The vision identifies the city centre section of the Nepean Highway as a focal point for Frankston’s revitalisation, transforming a car dominated roadway into a new pedestrian friendly destination and a bustling hub of activity and recreation.
  • The city centre section would be significantly improved by rebalancing the road environment to improve safety and amenity including:
    • Connecting the missing link in the existing bike lanes to the north and south.
    • Extended outdoor space for retail and pedestrians.
    • Enhanced amenity including new public lighting and seating.
    • Enhanced biodiversity and tree canopy cover.

We are responding to community concerns and preferences by:

  • A potential reduction in vehicle lanes will be investigated to improve road user safety and allow the implementation of new bike lanes and tree planting improving connections and amenity.
  • A range of traffic measures will developed and implemented over time to promote the use of the Ring Road. Improvements to the Ring Road are supported by:
    • Council's Integrated Transport Strategy which has committed Council to strengthen the role of the Ring Road in order to reduce through traffic, via enhanced traffic signal priority and wayfinding, and traffic calming measures within central Frankston.
    • The Draft FMAC Structure Plan proposes working with the Department of Transport and Planning on improvements to the efficiency of the Ring Road, with a focus on the Cranbourne Road, Fletcher Road, Baxter Street and Playne Street junction.
  • Working closely with our business community due to the higher impact that changes to the city centre will have on existing and emerging businesses.
Existing condition: Proposed vision:

City centre intersection - before and after

Northern precinct

Key opportunities:

  • Upgrade the Nepean Highway to create a green boulevard providing a highly engaging environment for people.
  • Key components should include:
    • A memorable gateway experience at Mile Bridge enhanced through iconic tree planting, lighting, integrated art opportunities or significant signage.
    • Avenue canopy tree planting.
    • Enhanced footpath spaces to create safer and higher amenity spaces for people.
Existing condition: Proposed vision:

Northern gateway - before and after

Help shape our vision

We have developed the above vision ideas to help progress the FMAC Structure Plan, and to start the conversation with our community about the Nepean Boulevard transformation.

Share your thoughts and feedback below to help shape the vision further. Our next steps are to:

  1. Use your initial feedback to develop a Nepean Boulevard Master Plan.
  2. Develop the Master Plan using rigorous analysis, a connection to country and community. As Nepean Highway is a state arterial road and managed by the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), Council will work closely with DTP to ensure the Master Plan addresses existing road conditions as well as anticipated future change in the city centre.
  3. Share the Draft Master Plan to seek your feedback on our detailed designs.
  4. Present a final Master Plan to Council for adoption (in approximately 18 months' time).
  5. Deliver the Master Plan as per the endorsed action plan, advocacy and available budgets.

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