Frankston Skate and BMX Strategy 2024 - 2034

The draft Frankston Skate and BMX Strategy 2024-2034 provides a vision for the future of skate, BMX and active youth spaces in Frankston City. It determines what is required to achieve that vision and meet the needs of the community over the next 10 years.

In 2022 we asked the community what makes a great skate or BMX facility, and you told us:

  • Close to home
  • Safe and welcoming
  • Good lighting and shade
  • Able to host competitions and community events.
  • Including a range of features including pump tracks, bowls, ramps and rails.

This feedback has been incorporated in the actions and recommendations in the draft strategy. We are now inviting you to have a look and let us know if you agree with the focus areas.

Log in or join Engage Frankston to provide your feedback. Leave a comment or respond to the questions below by 5pm 21 March 2023.

What does the strategy recommend for your area?

Types of Facilities

This classification system creates a balanced mix of facilities across Frankston City that supports participation and access to facilities. It provides a variety of infrastructure to promote opportunities for skill advancement.
  • Regional Facilities

    • Size: 1,550–3,000m2
    • Destination and purpose built facility.
    • Located to service the whole municipality.
    • Caters to a wide range of community members.
    • Allows for night time usage.
    • High end amenity, spectator and landscape.
    • Capable of holding large events, performances, competitions, workshops, etc.
    • Integration of a range of recreation, activity and passive use.
    • Skill development from beginner to advanced users.
    • Catering to all styles of riding.
    • Complex, unique obstacles and larger advanced obstacles.
  • District Facilities

    • Size: 950–1,550m2
    • Iconic nature in design and theming.
    • Located to service surrounding 5km radius.
    • Compliments other local facilities.
    • Focus on youth and families.
    • May allow night time usage.
    • Amenity, spectator and landscape provision.
    • Suitable for events, performances, competitions, workshops, etc.
    • Nearby recreation, activity and passive use.
    • Skill development from beginner to advanced users.
    • Catering to select styles of riding e.g. street, transition, jumps, tracks, etc.
    • Complex and unique obstacles.

  • Local Facilities

    • Size: 300–950m2
    • Basic design, simple detail.
    • Caters to a specific suburb or 2km radius.
    • Usually located with other recreation facilities such as ovals and playgrounds.
    • Focus on specific user groups.
    • Basic allowance for amenity and landscape provision.
    • Can host small local level events, competitions and workshops.
    • Allows for skill development for beginner and intermediate riders. Minimal allowance for advances riders.
    • Catering to fundamental riding styles.
    • One or two unique obstacles.

Do you agree with the following Focus Areas?

Provide your response before 5pm 21 March 2023

1. Skate and BMX facilities should be well distributed throughout the municipality to meet the needs of our community and where they live.
2. Skate and BMX facilities should accommodate a range of youth related activities and youth spaces.
3. The programming and design of our Skate and BMX facilities should consider gender equality and inclusivity.
4. Skate and BMX facilities should be constructed, maintained and well managed to ensure they are fit for purpose and their life span maximised.

Tell us more about your answers above.

20 February, 2024

PaulV says:

These facilities need to be well placed. However, location of placement should be mindful of other groups that use the area as well

20 February, 2024

MartinO says:

The Frankston Central areas requires some facility for skate - currently no local catchment facility.

19 February, 2024

Will01 says:

Bmx and mtb are so popular but there are no where near enough facilities for this. More in every suburb!