Thank you for your feedback on our Emerging Ideas Paper

We sought your feedback in April-May 2022 on:

  • What issues and opportunities do you see in the Frankston City Centre?
  • How you want the city centre to look and feel 20 years from now?
  • What do you think of the 13 key directions and ideas?
Thank you for the feedback you provided on our Emerging Ideas Paper by completing our Key Direction Activity and/or Survey.

It was great to see you at our Community Pop Ups and Walking Tour too!

Your responses have informed what Council needs to focus on and prioritise in developing the Structure Plan.

For more information, you can speak with our Strategic Planning teamby:

Phone: 1300 322 322


What are our Emerging Ideas?

The Emerging Ideas Paper outlines our preliminary thoughts and ideas for how the city centre could be planned into the future. We have summarised these below under our 4 'themes' and 13 'key direction' headings.

The ideas have been informed by:

  • Technical analysis undertaken by the project team.
  • Initial community and stakeholder consultation.
  • Council feedback.
  • Site visits.

Learn more about the ideas under our four themes

  • Activities and Land Use

    Key Direction 1: Encourage Economic Investment

    Key Direction 2: Provide a diversity of housing to support evolving population needs

    Key Direction 3: Strengthen Arts, Entertainment and Culture

    Learn more here 
  • Built Form

    Key Direction 4: Strengthen the built form character

    Learn more here 
  • Public Realm

    Key Direction 5: Provide more parks, plazas and gathering spaces

    Key Direction 6: Provide people focused streets

    Key Direction 7: Create a thriving Kananook Creek promenade

    Key Direction 8: Transform the Nepean Highway into an Iconic Boulevard

    Learn more here 
  • Movement and Access

    Key Direction 9: Prioritise pedestrian movement

    Key Direction 10: Create a safe and convenient cycling network

    Key Direction 11: Increase the use of the Ring Road and reduce traffic

    Key Direction 12: Provide car parking that is easy to locate and access

    Key Direction 13: Enhance public transport to make it an attractive and logical choice

    Learn more here