Climate Emergency

On 18 November 2019 Council declared a climate emergency calling for urgent action to reverse global warming.

In response, Council has been working on developing a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan to more clearly and decisively identify the risks, opportunities and priorities for Frankston City to reduce emissions and build resilience to climate change impacts.

In 2020, an initial Climate Change Community Survey was conducted, which provided us with the base information of what concerns our community and what Council should focus on.

Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

Council’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan will include actions that Council will undertake to respond to climate change. It will be a clear plan to support our community to take action and work together for a better future. It will replace Council’s existing Towards Zero Emissions Plan 2019-2023 and the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Plan 2011.

Your feedback will help inform Council’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan and ensure that the actions or initiatives that Council can take or advocate for are sought after by our community. This process will also identify actions that our community are already doing or would like to do, to support our future.

How can you get involved now?

Our community’s input has already significantly shaped this project, in our Climate Change Community Survey 2020.

Climate Change Community Survey 2020

In the Climate Change Community Survey 2020, our community told us that you are most concerned about the following local climate change impacts:

In 2020, our community also told us that the most important areas for Council to work in to address climate change are:

Council has listened to the key concerns about climate change raised by our community in 2020 and will use them to inform the priorities for our Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan.

Council has also taken the following specific actions: