About Peninsula Reserve

Peninsula Reserve is located on Frank Street and Jacana Avenue in Frankston.

Home to a playground, extensive walking paths, a designated dog off-leash area and a sports ground for the Frankston YCW cricket and the Frankston Raiders rugby league clubs, Peninsula Reserve is a popular and well-used park.

Based on community feedback and recommendations in Council’s Open Space Strategy (2016-2036), Council is undertaking overall park improvement work.

Community engagement on our Concept Plan

In 2022, we prepared a draft concept plan to illustrate proposed improvements at Peninsula Reserve. We sought our community's feedback and ideas to help us finalise the design.

We received 27 comments as published on this page, as well as discussions with nearby residents, which have helped us to finalise the Plan and commence construction. Thank you to all those who engaged with us!

What is happening now?

Construction has already been completed on key improvements to Peninsula Reserve, as per our Concept Plan, including:

  • A new fully enclosed multiuse practice wicket facility.
  • Planting of 120 established trees.
  • Planting of 11,000 tube stock on batter and in drainage swale.
  • Installation of 400 l/m of exposed aggregate footpath.
  • Car park extensions, wheel stops and line marking.
  • Installation of reserve perimeter fencing

Council is committed to further enhancing the Reserve. We're now updating our community via this page, and by letter to nearby residents, about future planned projects that we're exploring funding opportunities for:

  • Sports oval lighting.
  • Playground upgrade.
  • Public lighting.
  • New oval fence.

Proposed sports oval lighting

Further design has been completed on the sports oval lighting project, to enable Council to seek funding to deliver this as soon as possible.

The proposed Sports Lighting Plan is now available for your review as:

  1. A plan showing proposed locations of lighting poles.
  2. A plan showing proposed photometric plot of the floodlights.
  3. A Fact Sheet with FAQs.

Community feedback on the draft concept plan in 2022

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22 August, 2022

Bridge says:

Would be good not to loose trees for the native parrots and hope remains leash free park for dogs to run free in the fenced oval

18 August, 2022

Callum says:

The existing rock pit adjacent to the children play equipment is seldom used would love to see it replaced with in ground trampoline

18 August, 2022

Callum says:

The existing rock pit adjacent to the children play equipment is seldom used would love to see it replaced with in ground trampoline

17 August, 2022

Jamie says:

The designs look great, we use this park daily and enjoy the way dog owners, walkers, families and sports lovers can all use this space.

16 August, 2022

Brady says:

Please don’t remove the sea monster monkey bars. They are great for our little kids.

13 August, 2022

Sarah says:

Wonderful scope! I hope the plan is to retain the existing eucalypts in the north-east corner. They have nesting hollows for native parrots.

12 August, 2022

Jarrah Daniel says:

Absolutely love it!!!

11 August, 2022

Phil_Masters says:

More rubbish bins around ground. More parking space required. Resident Parking signs in Frank Street more defined with signage on posts.

11 August, 2022

Paul says:

Please, no exotic tress & shrubs. Use WA & Vic Mallee eucalypts for animal habitat. They’ll thrive on Frankston sand & look progressive.

11 August, 2022

Dylan/local resident says:

I think the parking is verry limited. Need to extend the parking around to the new courts. Wasted space that gets parked on anyway

11 August, 2022

Jon says:

Basketball Ring would be a great addition as well. Best spot would be where the old cricket nets were and could put a couple of seats there

10 August, 2022

MD says:

We need better security, cctv has been promised (but not delivered) for years. Graffiti and vandalism is a real problem in the area!