About Whistlestop Reserve

Whistlestop Reserve is located on the corner of Dalpura Circuit and Skye Road in Frankston. It is located on the site of the former Whistlestop Amusement Park, famous in the 1960's & 70's for its steam train, chair lifts and ornamental lake.

Whistlestop Reserve is a key public open space, serving the Dalpura Circuit neighbourhood.

A Landscape Concept Plan has been prepared to identify improvements to Whistlestop Park based on Council’s Open Space Strategy.

Proposed concept plan

A draft landscape plan has been prepared to illustrate proposed park improvements at Whistlestop Reserve.

Key features include:

  • New accessible walking paths with better connections to existing park facilities;
  • New tree planting;
  • Playground improvements including new play equipment such as swings, trampolines and a play train to acknowledge the Whistlestop Amusement Park history;
  • New picnic and barbecue facilities;
  • Playground fencing.

A feature sign is also proposed to commemorate the rich history of this site.

We are seeking your feedback and ideas to help us finalise the design.

Whistlestop Reserve - before and after

Slide across our two images below to see how Whistlestop Reserve currently looks, and what changes are proposed.

Current image of Whistlestop Reserve: Current image of Whistlestop Reserve (before) Proposed changes to Whistlestop Reserve (after):