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What are we doing?

You may be aware that the road and street infrastructure within the Gould Street precinct is ageing and therefore will require upgrades in the future. Concerns raised with Council relate to the street’s current condition, and what the future streetscape will look like, taking into consideration drainage, paths, kerbside and traffic.

In May 2021, we asked for your feedback on identifying existing drainage and traffic issues on Gould Street. Thank you to those people that provided feedback, it has helped us create the draft Concept Plan. You can view the Community feedback and Council response report here.

We are now ready to consult with you further on the Draft Concept Plan.

How can I have my say?

It's simple!

1) Review the Concept Plan

2) Answer these two questions

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Background information

The condition of infrastructure within the Gould Street precinct is aging and will require an upgrade in the future.

Other concerns raised with Council relating to Gould Street concern what the future streetscape of Gould Street will be, considering drainage, paths, kerb and traffic.

It is Council's responsibility to ensure the precinct both meets the needs of residents and broader community in the short term, and also longer-term sustainability.

To create the Concept Plan, in May 2021 we asked the residents to identify and report any traffic, safety, access and drainage issues. Council also conducted engineering checks and reviews of the area.

Residents were invited to provide written feedback on our Website or via email. Residents were also sent a letter inviting them to attend an in-person Community Meeting. The Community Meeting occurred on 25 May at 6.30pm at Mechanics Hall, Plowman Place, Frankston.

Based on the feedback received from the community and the engineering data, a draft concept plan was developed. You can view the Community feedback and Council response report here.

Once we receive feedback on the draft concept design, a revision will be done and the final concept plan will be made available to residents and all other stakeholders.

When the final concept is completed, the works will then be programmed by inclusion in Council’s Long Term Infrastructure Plan, which will need to be approved by Council. It is envisioned that the initial focus will be on foreshore accessibility and improved drainage.

We will ensure residents and the wider community remain informed on the project as it is rolled out including when works are scheduled to begin.