Project update

Safer communities for all

We've developed a Draft Safer Communities Policy and Strategy to encourage a whole of community approach to improve community safety and crime prevention over the next 10 years.

The Draft Policy and Strategy aim to guide Council and our partners to ensure we all work collaboratively towards a safe and inclusive municipality where people feel safe, well connected and welcome to participate in community life.

We've summarised our Draft Policy and Strategy below, and invite your feedback via our survey by 5pm 5 November 2023.

Safer communities are environments where:

  • Everyone has the right to go about their daily activities without fear, or risk of harm or injury.
  • People are safe, and feel safe, whether at home, at work or when moving around streets and public places.
  • People feel valued and treated in a culturally respectful manner.
  • People have meaningful opportunities to fully and freely participate in community life and decisions that impact them.

What have we heard so far?

Throughout our 2022-2023 engagement, we heard overwhelmingly that the safety of public places and spaces was identified as our community's top safety concern.

Concerns primarily related to feelings of safety in public spaces, particularly at night, while using public transport and in Frankston’s city centre. Concerns also related to the amenity of public spaces and how lighting, graffiti and cleanliness impact perceptions of safety.

Our community identified:

  1. Safety in public places.
  2. Harm reduction.
  3. Safe and respectful relationships.
  1. Well used community facilities.
  2. Well used local shops.
  3. Well maintained open space.
  4. Local communities connected on social media.
  5. Neighbours stop and chat.
  6. Good visibility in the street.
  7. Neighbours help each other.
  1. Create and maintain safe and accessible public spaces, parks and reserves.
  2. Work with specialist support services to assist vulnerable community members.
  3. Work with emergency services like Victoria Police and the Ambulance Service to respond to community safety issues.
  4. Work with services and community groups on initiatives to reduce harms from alcohol, drugs and gambling.
  5. Create and maintain community facilities.

What is included in the Draft Policy and Strategy?

Responding to your top safety concerns

Click on each of the five Strategic Priorities below to read more about:

  • What you told us we can do to improve safety and /or main safety concerns
  • Our proposed strategies - what we know works
  • Some of the initiatives and actions developed to address these in the Draft Strategy.

Our Vision

To draft our vision statement, we asked our community to describe what a safe community looks and feels like. The key themes identified were:
  • Feeling safe and secure, both during the day and at night.
  • Being free from violence, harassment or abuse.
  • Vibrant and welcoming City.
  • Connection and sense of belonging.
  • Kindness, empathy and helping others.
  • Diverse and inclusive.

Outcomes and strategic priorities

The table below shows how our Safer Communities Strategy has been developed and the four-long term outcomes we will be working towards. It also shows our five strategic priorities and how they are linked to the outcomes we want to see and the main areas where local government is able to deliver initiatives to achieve safer communities.

Share your feedback on our Draft Policy and Strategy

In this stage of community engagement, we are seeking your feedback on the Draft Policy and Strategy.

We're particularly keen to hear feedback on:

  • Our proposed vision for a safer Frankston City
  • The initiatives and actions proposed to deliver on the strategic priorities, including whether they:
    • Adequately address our community's top safety concerns.
    • Respond to the ways our community told us we can improve safety.
  • Online survey

    This should take about 10 minutes.

    Survey closed 5 November 2023 
  • Chat with us at community engagement pop ups

    • Saturday 7 October, 8.30am-2.30pm | Jubilee Park

    Frankston Policy Community Engagement Day

    • Friday 13 October, 2.00-3.00pm | Carrum Downs Library

    Friday Friendly Chat, Senior's Festival

    • Friday 27 October 10.00-11.00am | Seaford Library

    Friday Friendly Chat, Senior's Festival

    • Thursday 2 November 4.00-6.00pm | Carrum Downs Library

    Have a chat with Frankston City’s Mayor and your local friendly police officer.

    Tea, coffee and light refreshments provided.

    Email us if you need any support to attend 
  • Phone, email or write to us

    Contact us by phone:

    • Call our Social Planning and Policy team on 1300 322 322.

    Download our Feedback Form and:

    • Email completed form to
    • Print and post completed form to:

    Social Policy and Planning

    PO Box 490 FRANKTON VIC 3199

    Consultation closed 5 November 2023