What is happening?

The vegetation management program has started and will improve the conditions of existing remnant native vegetation, largely in the northern portions of the reserve. The first stage is to remove weeds by the end of February 2022. Nesting boxes and logs have also been introduced for habitat enhancement features.

We are working to ensure the updates to Jubilee Park deliver ecological benefits and enhance the natural environment. We listened to residents’ concerns and adopted feedback in the updated plans as much as possible.

We will:

  • Retain two large groups of mature trees within the new Jubilee Park Stadium carpark along with a group of trees along the eastern boundary, to provide greater ecological benefit to both flora and fauna, as well as retaining a visual canopy and screen for neighbouring residents.
  • Retain and store trunks of felled trees onsite for habitat enhancement within the reserve or across other municipal reserves where possible.
  • Plant a minimum of 100 canopy trees in 2m advanced height within the Jubilee Park Stadium carpark and building precinct and plant a minimum additional 700 indigenous trees across Jubilee Park.
  • Rehabilitate and enhance the existing areas of remnant native vegetation largely in the northern portions of the reserve with vegetation management, supplementary planting and the introduction of habitat structures with nesting boxes and logs.

A vegetation management plan has been developed to improve the condition of the remnant indigenous vegetation with habitat values maintained and weeds reduced.

The site is barricaded while work is underway and for safety reasons and to prevent the spread of weeds, we request residents keep out of the site area while work is underway.

master plan

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New paths

Council is seeking funding to update the pathways throughout Jubilee Park. We will update the community as soon as more information is available about this proposed update.