Improving Monterey Reserve

We want to improve Monterey Reserve to make it a great place for everyone! Following community engagement in 2021-2022, we have developed a Master Plan to guide the development of Monterey Reserve to meet the needs of the growing Frankston North community both now and in the future. Key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • Improved amenities and social gathering areas.
  • More play and recreation opportunities.
  • Improvements to the skate park and youth space.
  • Better use of the sound shell.
  • More landscaping and tree planting.

What did we hear?

Community feedback received in 2021 and 2022 has been summarised in our Community Engagement report here. Thank you to everyone that engaged with us.

Snapshot of Monterey Reserve Master Plan

What is happening now?

Council is committed to enhancing Monterey Reserve as per the adopted Master Plan. We will update our community via this page

when stages of implementation receive funding and can be delivered.

Sports oval lighting

Further design has been completed on the sports oval lighting project, to enable Council to deliver this in May 2023. Existing lighting on all three pitches is being replaced with a more effective and focused lighting system.

To enable you to understand the proposed locations and design of the new sports lighting, please review:

  1. Plan for lighting on soccer pitch (1) and training pitch.
  2. Plan for lighting on soccer pitch (2).
  3. Proposed floodlighting photometric plot.