Project Updates

What have we done so far?

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on the Budget 2023-2024 between February 16th - March 21st, 2023.

We received 362 responses, both online and in-person, which has helped shape our draft Budget 2023-2024.

Our draft Budget is now available for your review and feedback. You can review the full draft Budget, or click on our priority areas below for a summary of what we propose to deliver in 2023-2024.

Budget priorities as voted by you!

In February-March 2023, we asked you to prioritise how you wanted Council to allocate funding in our Budget 2023-2024 in certain focus areas.

The results are now in! See the below numbered focus areas, showing how our community prioritised each area - with 1 being highest priority.

Click on each priority area below to learn about proposed initiatives in our Draft Budget 2023-2024. Let us know if we got it right, or if anything is missing in our Feedback Form by 5pm 2 May 2023.

Your funding ideas and aspirations

We received 52 contributions with your ideas and aspirations for additional priority budget areas. Your input will help guide funding allocations for future Council budgets and long-term planning.

Stage 1 Engagement information

Read more about how we engaged the community, including inviting people to prioritise our focus areas, and submit new funding ideas in Feb-March 2023.